• Connect Brother Printer to wifi  (without a password)

    Connect Brother Printer to wifi through wifi.

    • Bring the Wi-Fi router and your Brother Printer as near as possible.
    • Ensure that the power cord is plugged in.
    • Then, turn the printer ON and wait until the printer is in the READY state.
    • After that, a few seconds hold down the WPS button on your wireless network/access point.
    • As shown in the given photo, for less than 2 seconds, click the wireless setup located on the back of the router.

            NOTE:  To click the wireless setup button, use a ballpoint pen or a sharp point object. Do not press the button for more than 2 seconds.


    • The machine will then start searching for a wireless network that supports the WPS or AOSS for 2–3 minutes. At that time, the TONER LED will start blinking.
    • After that, the printer tries to connect a wireless network/router. At that time, both the TONER and DRUM LED will start blinking.
    • Now, wait until the printer indicates the READY LED will start blinking. This button will turn ON for 5 minutes. This suggests that the printer is connected with the wireless network router/access point.

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